3D Imaging and Symmetry of the Calcaneal Bone

Calcaneus fractures are painful and difficult to treat injuries. The quality of a good functional outcome is related to a good anatomical reconstruction. The contra-lateral uninjured bone is often used a reference to assess the severity of the damage and the quality of the repair. This is currently done with Böhler’s angle which has to be drawn on X-Ray images. The authors of this study propose the use of 3D reconstruction images of the hind foot and analyze the symmetry of healthy hind feet. Several measurements were recorded among the 3D reconstructions images of 46 pairs of uninjured feet: mean distances between facets and area of the calcaneal facet of the posterior subtalar joint, orientation angle of the posterior subtalar joint facet and talo-calcaneal angle in the space. The difference among all measurements was not statistically significant between the left and the right side, with a high power, which suggests a good symmetry of the calcaneus. Hence, 3D image of the contralateral uninjured calcaneus may be a reliable reference when treating calcaneal fractures.


Dominique André Misselyn*, Stijn De Buck, Giovanni Matricali and Stefaan Nijs

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