Clinical use of NPWT in traumatology


The application of negative pressure to assist in wound healing was first described in the management of soft tissue injury in association with open fracture in 1992.  Soft tissue trauma with open fracture wounds still remains important indication for the use of NPWT. With the development of science and technology NPWT has transformed the management of complex open wounds and nowadays it is used as a preventative tool in reducing the incidence of surgical site infection (SSI) and dehiscence of the closed incision. It is also an important tool for the treatment of chronic wounds and chronic osteitis.


Aim of our study was to demonstrate practical solutions for treatment of complex wounds in our department.

DISCUSSION: Treatment with NPWT is a relatively simple method but in clinical practice it is commonly used for handling complex patients. Such patients are challenging to treat with NPWT and inventive practical solutions are recommended.


NPWT does not replace adequate surgical treatment of soft tissue injuries and is used as a temporary solution until definitive treatment of the defect is performed. Technological advances within NPWT are currently seen to be heading in several directions.


Aleksandra Nikolič, dr. med., Aleš Fischinger, dr. med. and Boštjan Sluga, dr. med.

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