Diagnostic Analysis of Spondylodiscitis in Guadalajara, Mexico: Are We Doing it Right?

Spondylodiscitis is a frequent diagnosis in developing countries and has a huge impact on healthcare programs. This disease can cause spinal instability and compression of neurological structures as well as it can develop asymptomatically. Risk factors have been described in the literature but to our knowledge this is the first demographic report from Guadalajara, Jalisco done in a Spine Center. Risk factors, most frequent segments involved, clinical presentation and common surgical findings were identified and compared to previous reports. The present study aims to add valuable information to the literature for spine surgeons in developing countries to take into consideration in order to treat their patients.


Andrés Enrique Cobar-Bustamante*, Mario Alberto Cahueque-Lemus, Maria Cristina Bregni-Duraes, Francisco Alonzo Gonzalez, Miguel Angel Guerra and Martin Bethancourt Carlos

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