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Insight into the pathogenesis of Autologous Platelet Plasma (APP

Evaluation of effectiveness of treatment for Autologous Platelet Plasma (APP) with and without patients with osteoarthrosis; parameters are “Pain”, “Stiffness”, “Functional limitation", normalized WOMAC index scores, timed 20 meter walk test before and after degenerative arthritis disease (gonathritis and coxarthritis) and the intervertebral spinal cord symptomatology are one of the major health problem for the patients in the working age (30-60 years). Every third working person (between 30-60 years) suffers from joint diseases. The Autologous Platelet Plasma (APP) with or without ozone therapy can reduce the time of convalescence, allowing patients quick recovery and restart their work. The comfort is also better post therapeutic in this form of therapies


Amalia Kerl-Skurka

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