Permanent ankle left joint distortion by drivers and right joint by passengers in countries with right rules of traffic

Typical deformations and pain syndromes of feet deformations of feet in children and feet pain syndromes in adults are very common in many people, mostly in women in many countries. There are: static valgus or plano – valgus feet deformity in children and youth, insufficiency and pain by adults in frontal part of feet as result of limited plantar flexion of the toes, valgus deformity of the big toes (hallux valgus), Köhler’s disease among girls wearing not proper shoes and congenital deformation of feet, needed special orthopedic program, often surgery, 6/deformations of feet, knee, pelvis and spine in children with Minimal Brain Dysfunction (MBD)

Presented in lecture - together: 28 patients and 24 cases with left ankle joint pain syndrome and 4 cases with right ankle joint pain syndrome. Material is from the years 2016 – 2020.

Instability & Secondary Pain Syndrome of Ankle Joint: The article describe this special type of foot insufficiency  “instability of ankle joint” and pain syndrome because of “permanent distortion of this joint” – the left ankle joint in drivers and right ankle joint in passenger in countries with “right traffic rules”. Till now never was described the “insufficiency of ankle joint” because of instability of this joint as result of causes described by authors – its mean – getting out from the car on one leg. The symptoms of such illness can be not only in left or right foot but also in left or right knee. In our patients we observe: swollen foot, limited dorsal flexion of foot, painful region of Achilles and sinus tarsi. The gait was with limping or some patients were even not able to walk longer distance. Such instability, because of permanent distortion of ankle joint and can occur also among people doing some jobs – when exist permanent rotation movement of the whole body on full stabilized feet longer time, for example among the women working in kitchen.

In our material we noticed, that the treatment in this group of patients, before contact with us, was mostly not proper and not leading to full recovery. This improper treatment was among presented patients even 4–5 years! In lecture we present cases of the feet problems and we discuss method of therapy and rules of prophylaxis. The article about this problem and proper therapy was publishing in USA in June 2019.

We described the pathology syndrome of the ankle joint, the chronic distortion caused by rotation movement made during getting out the car. This is the new “Syndrome of Distortion and Following Instability of Ankle Joint. Unfortunately in all our patient the previous diagnosis was not proper and the therapy not leading to recovery. The illness can be the long time lasting problem - 4 or even 5 years. It is important - the proper diagnosis and proper treatment with the information about the prophylaxis – getting out the car on both legs, without rotation movement of the body on stabilized feet


Tomasz Karski

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