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Syndrome of standing at ease on the right leg, pathological influence on shank, knee, hip and spine

During the research on the so-called idiopathic scoliosis in years 1984 – 2007/2017 (T Karski – first lecture in Hungary/Szeged 1995) it was found that Syndrome of Standing ‘et ease’ on the Right Leg (SofSRL) play a very important role. Such standing over years is the causative influence on development of scoliosis in two etiological groups. It makes also influence on the anatomy and function of the right hip, right knee and right shank. In the years 1984–2016 we have examined 2550 person with scoliosis and very frequent we found also problems of the right hips, right knee, shank and foot. The age of our cohort of these patients was 2 to 88 years. How to Explain the Habit of Standing ‘At Ease’ on the Right Leg: To make clear such manner of standing we must come back to the Syndrome of Contractures and Deformities described firstly and precisely by Prof. Hans May from Tübingen / Germany, next in Lublin (T. Karski). Among the deformities described by Prof. Mau as Siebenersyndrom the is also asymmetry of anatomy and function of pelvis and hips. We found limitation of adduction movement of the right hip (T Karski, 1995– 2007) in examination in straight position of hip joint. This limited adduction enables easy standing on the right leg and is deciding the “cumulative time of standing”. Our observation of patients and long lasting anamnesis with patients make clear that in the period of 10 years of life – everybody stand (only) 2 or 3 years. In our long observations (T Karski and J Karski) we found that children start to stand on the right leg in age of 2 years. Next observation had to confirm such standing also in persons in age of 50, and 60 and 70 years. So, the person of the age 70 years has the cumulative time of standing on the right leg 21 years!. Influence SofSRL on the Spine, Right Hip, Right Knee, Shank and Foot: Such standing is the cause of the socalled idiopathic scoliosis in I-st etiopathological group (epg) together with walking and is the cause solely / exclusively in II/A and II/B epg scoliosis group (T. Karski, 1995 – 2007). Standing on the right leg is also the cause of arthrosis of the right hip, is the cause of bigger right side varus deformity of shank and bigger valgus deformity of knee. Knowledge about SofSRL enables orthopedic surgeons and rehabilitation doctors proper and successfully treatment of ill people. Conclusions: (1) Syndrome of Standing on the Right Leg is connected with the Syndrome of Contractures and Deformities (H. Mau, T. Karski, J. Karski) (2) Permanent Standing ‘at ease’ on the Right Leg is the cause of two groups of so-called idiopathic scoliosis in new classification (T. Karski, 1995 – 2007) (3) Permanent standing ‘at ease’ on the right leg has also influence on right hip, knee and shank. This knowledge is very important in prophylaxis of scoliosis and arthrosis of the right hip, deformity of shank and knee


Tomasz Karski

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