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The Correlation between Dielectric Properties and Cortical Bone Tissue Composition: Dispersion Model-Based Analysis using Electrical Impedance

The current study aimed to contribute an understanding of the dielectric properties of various bone constituents. Dielectric properties of the bone tissue were measured under different treatment conditions i.e. dehydration (by lyophilization), fat removal (acetone treatment) and demineralization (using 6% ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid), in the frequency range from 42 Hz to 5 M Hz using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (HIOKI 3532 HiTester, Koizumi, Japan). Also, the dispersion model-based analysis has been applied for fitting the electrical data. The results showed variation in the permittivity and conductivity curves as a result of different treatments on bone tissue. Moreover, the dispersion model based fitted parameters were found to reflect the compositional features of bone. The dielectric properties of the bone tissue vary as a result of different treatments thus showing a strong relationship between model fitted parameters and different bone components.


Payal Bhardwaj*, Preeti Dhiman, Mohan Lal Garg and BP Mohanty

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