Traumatic Bilateral Scaphoid Fracture-A Case Report

Introduction: The largest carpal bone, the scaphoid, is the most commonly injured bone in the wrist joint. While unilateral scaphoid fractures are quite common, bilateral ones are rarely encountered. Existing literature on traumatic bilateral scaphoid fractures is very limited.

Case report: We came across a young biker, who sustained bilateral, undisplaced, scaphoid waist fractures following a road traffic accident. He was treated conservatively with bilateral thumb spica casts, and recovered fully in about 12 weeks after the injury.

Conclusion: Comprehensive imaging should be done in case of suspected scaphoid fractures, as failure to do so may lead to missed fracture. Although internal fixation reduces healing time, conservative management with thumb spica casts can also successfully treat undisplaced bilateral scaphoid fractures, and the patient can attain full range of motion within a comparable time frame. Surgical management should be favored more in case of displaced/ unstable fractures.


Tanvi Umashree, Sumit Kumar Jain* and Pavan Sarin

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