Flexible Intramedullary Nailing for Unicameral Bone Cyst of Humerus in Children: A Case Series

Introduction: Unicameral bone cyst is benign fluid-filled lesions in pediatric long bones before skeletal maturity, most commonly in the proximal humerus. These are diagnosed as an incidental finding where the child presents with a pathological fracture.

Aim: Purpose of this study is to evaluate the outcome of treating unicameral bone cyst with or without pathological fracture by flexible intramedullary nailing viz., TENS.

Methods: During the period of June 2015 to June 2019, 13 cases of a paediatric unicameral bone cyst located in proximal 1/3rd of humerus admitted to Bapuji hospital and Chigatteri general hospital, J.J.M medical college, Davangere. Mean age was 9 years. 8 cases presented with pathological fracture.

Results: Out of 13 cases 9 patients had complete healing of cyst at 12 months follow-up, 3 patients had a residual cyst and 1 patient developed recurrence after initial healing response.

Conclusion: Titanium intramedullary nailing is a safe and efficient procedure for unicameral bone cyst as it provides immediate mechanical stability and also cyst decompression allowing early mobilization and return to their daily activities.


Venkatesh Gupta SK and Ajay Shringeri Satish

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